Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I just finished an hour-and-a-half enhanced interrogation session performed by our tax accountant. In one hour, I need to be ready to do a speaking presentation. Eeesh...I'm playing Emotional Pong again.

To all those CPAs out there, I apologize, but your ilk drives me loco. No matter how I do things, it never seems to be accurate or sufficient. I always end up getting a lecture on proper ledger entry, chart of accounts, expenses vs. capitalization, and other mind-numbingly boring topics that I couldn't give two rabbit turds about. Our CPA is a perfectly charming woman who only tries to help, but I can't help but act like a petulant child when I am in her midst. Like a grown-up Bart Simpson writing "I promise to dutifully manage my books" a hundred times before the dismissal bell rang, I squirmed in my seat, waiting not-so-patiently to be released from the mahogany-appointed Hades as quickly as freakin' possible.

I am now slurping down a Decaf Mocha from Whole Foods after inhaling some combo of taboulleh, bulghar, and some other ethnic goop that I would undoubtedly misspell. Somehow in the next hour I need to release the tax albatross from my neck and tap into my currently-AWOL juju. There will soon be people in front of me wanting to hear from a powerful, successful, enthusiastic, and articulate woman who will share her inspiring story of creating Opening the Kimono. Since she is nowhere to be found at this moment, I guess they'll be stuck with me.

Of course, it's not as bad as all that. With every passing minute (and every typed word) I can feel myself releasing more and more of my odious, noxious attitude in favor of Little Miss Mojo. I am letting go of my whiny baby attitude and embracing the fact that I have chosen this life, and what a wonderful one I have! Eating some food helps. Drinking some chocolate coffee really helps. Blogging through my annoyance really, really helps. Most importantly, realizing that I am so very blessed to be given another day on this big, blue, beautiful planet really, really, really helps.

Pish posh on my taxes, ledgers, and chart of accounts! Ain't none of it bigger and badder than my own bad ass.

I daresay that the audience who is about to see me won't be disappointed after all. I think I've all but released my WhinyGirl pissiness in favor of some good ol' fashioned Theresa Rose sassiness.

Whew! That was close. And I've even got 40 minutes to spare...


For your consideration and/or comment:

How do you handle the yearly tax nightmare, er, process?


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