Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Sick Day

Last night I could feel it starting -- that familiar scratchiness and subsequent closing of the throat. Argh.

Ironically, I had a medical appointment just yesterday where our family doctor informed me of the results from my recent diagnostic lab work. It turns out that, contrary to my hypochondriac tendencies, I am a picture of health: low blood pressure, low glucose, low cholesterol, healthy liver and kidney function, no lifestyle risk factors, sufficient exercise, and normal weight. (Did he just say I possessed a normal weight?? Yippeee!!!)

Despite my stamp of physician approval, I started feeling icky around 8:00pm. It all started while I was waiting for my daughter to finish her Karate class. A little snotty munchkin about four years old (I'm not being mean; the kid was literally snotty) was hovering over me, watching me fiddle with my new Scrabble iPhone game designed exclusively for nerds like me. Little Snotty Scotty was within a foot of my face, captivated by the colorful squares and alphabet tiles displayed on the tiny screen. He would stick his goobery face between my phone and me, saying, "Whatcha doin'?" over and over again. I lightly told him that he was crowding me and that I couldn't play with his head stuck in my face. He thought my comments were cute; I knew I was breathing in his sick-little-boy-who-never-should-have-been-let-out-in-public germs. Sure enough, an hour or so later, I started to feel horrible.

Last night's sleep -- which is a generous way of describing the fitful tosses and turns I endured between the hours of ten and six -- had me resting my hands around my achy, inflamed throat in a brave attempt to thwart impending illness through some good ol' fashioned energy healing. Thankfully, my juju worked and I am feeling better than I did in the middle of the night. However, I still need to be diligent in knocking this bug out of me before it takes hold. Here is the day I envision:

* Gargle/gag/gargle with a God-awful salt water cocktail a few times
* Regularly check email even though I promised myself I was taking the day off
* Try to nap, but eventually get up and watch The Daily Show instead
* Lay in the sun and try to cook this nasty thing out of me
* Feel guilty for not having worked
* Write out tomorrow's extra-unrealistic To-Do list to make up for the "lost" day

That's it. That's what a Sick Day looks like in my world. Thank goodness I don't have these very often; I don't do sick very well.


For your consideration and/or comment:

What do you like to do when you are taking a sick day?


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seriously? said...

When I am really sick...stay in bed and make my family feel sorry for me and hopefully bring me stuff in bed.

When I am "fake" sick...ya know, just don't want to go to work kinda sick? I go skiing!! Does wonders for a cold. :)

Dot-Com said...

Hope you feel better soon! I hate being sick, but when it does happen, I like to just stay in bed with a good book and a cup of tea :-)

Liam said...

Sick day? What's that?

Usually there's two reasons I take a sick day... my wife is going crazy and needs me to stay home for a day and help out with things or I'm on my deathbed in which case I'm doing nothing except lying in bed wishing for the grim reaper to come take me.