Monday, February 23, 2009

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

I'm so excited! I get to watch the Oscars tonight!

Yeah, I know; they happened last night. Since I don't have TV, I was not able to watch it live. However, a friend of mine generously offered to Tivo it and open her home to me this evening (Thx, Jamie!). I will be bringing wine, cheese, and an insatiable desire to drool over All Things Hollywood. The evening dedicated to the art of cinema touches the past Drama Club President in me that not-so-secretly wished I would have pursued a career in acting.

Today I have purposely avoided all forms of media so as not to ruin the surprise. No Facebook, no radio, no Google news, and no Twitter. Unfortunately, I inadvertently caught a headline at the newspaper stand at Starbucks that read, "Top Dog: Slumdog", so I know that Slumdog Millionaire won Best Picture. YAY!!!! I love that movie, and it makes me happy to see that it won. Luckily, there's a bunch of other awards that are still surprises to me.

At the risk of looking like a total a-hole and/or goofball, here are my predictions for last night's winners:

* Mickey Roarke will perform the biggest comeback of the decade and win Best Actor, tearfully thanking the WWE and his recently-deceased dog

* Kate Winslet will finally win her much-deserved Oscar for The Reader. Ah, Kate. You are on my Short List, Gorgeous.

* Wall-E will win Best Animated Picture, which it totally deserves. It also deserved to be nominated for Best Picture, but that's another story.

* Penelope Cruz will not win Best Supporting Actress, but I wanted to mention her anyway. She too is on my Short List. Que bonita!

* The cameraman will show Johnny Depp as many times as possible, but not nearly as many as I would prefer. Johnny sightings have replaced Jack sightings at the recent Oscar telecasts. (I would like to put a request in for next year's broadcast. How about a JohnnyCam that is permanently placed in the lower left-hand corner of the screen?)

* The musical numbers will still have a serious amount of cheese factor attached to them, but watching Zac Efron in a tux will make the medicine go down muuuuuuuuuch easier.

* Hugh Jackman will be charming, but I'll still miss Billy.

* The whole show will make me miss my mom. (I'll think of you from the Red Carpet to the credits, Ma.)

So, there's my Oscar predictions. Tomorrow, I'll let you know how I did!

Oh, right. You already know.


For your consideration and/or comment:

What was your favorite Oscar moment?


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1 comment:

seriously? said...

ohhh, have fun!! Good for you keeping a secret from yourself. I was so mad when I logged into facebook and someone had posted who won a major category and I hadn't watched it yet.

Favorite Oscar Moment? OMG...too many to list but, my top few are...Cuba Gooding Jr. winning for supporting actor and Halle Berry for best actress and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for screen play and my husband and I still laugh about Bjork and her song and her outfit...did she look in a mirror, for gods sake???