Monday, February 2, 2009


Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band made my heart ache.

I have been blessed to see Bruce & the Best F#@king Band in the Universe live in concert. There is simply nothing like it. I once described it as a 3 1/2 hour orgasm that you share with ten thousand other people. It's THAT good. So, imagine my pain when finding out that Bruce was the featured performer in last night's football game. Why was it so painful? Because I didn't watch it. Instead, I heard the hoots and hollers from my surrounding neighbors as they reveled in drinking of the tasty Bruce Juice.

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know that the Rose household is a TV-free one. We don't have television. OK, so we have the box, but we don't have the service. There's no cable, no satellite, no local broadcast, nada. If you turn on the Sony Trinitron in our house, all you see is snow. For 360 days out of each year, that suits us just fine. We use our Sony as a monitor, watching the occasional DVD. Our boycott of the boob tube allows us to have more time to spend on real life instead of reel life. I know, we're freaks.

(Feeling extra sorry for myself last night, I forced my husband to watch Chocolat with me -- there's nothing that a healthy, sultry dose of Johnny Depp can't cure.)

Last night was one of those nights where I missed TV; I really really really really really really missed it. Bruce Springsteen has the nickname of The Boss for a reason. The guy is a friggin' monster! He can charge up a dead man. The pain in my gut grew exponentially when I found out he belted out two of my all-time faves: "Tenth Avenue Freeze-out" and "Born to Run". Oh, the agony!

The first thing I did this morning was visit YouTube on BigMac (the Apple desktop we have) to watch the Must See TV that I didn't see. Thankfully, I quickly found the links of my desire. A big shout-out to YouTuber Spud1200s for the links. Thanks, my online savior! Here they are, for those of you who want to check out the righteousness of Bruce & the E Street Band: Part 1, Part 2.

I turned up the volume as high as it would go (as per The Boss's instructions), and recalled times past when I danced in the stands to my Jersey hero. I feel blessed to have experienced those times, and I am blessed to have watched his performance from last night. I decided to be grateful for the opportunity to have seen the performance instead of bitch about how tiny and fuzzy he appeared on BigMac.

Bruce gave me a great reminder to appreciate what's most important: the music.


For your consideration and/or comment:

Who is your favorite performer you have seen live?


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Dot-Com said...

I'm looking forward to my three and a half hour orgasm in July - I secured myself tickets to see Springsteen right here in Dublin - yah!

Theresa Rose said...

I'M SO JEALOUS!!! Enjoy every last bit of it.

Take care,