Friday, February 20, 2009

Pink & Black

I just noticed a curious thing: I have surrounded myself with pink and black.

I immediately notice the following items within five feet of me:

* My new iPhone sleeve is hot pink, with the space-agey screen itself being jet black.

* My daughter's old journal is black with pink butterflies. I have absconded with it, utilizing it as one of a dozen running To-Do list capturers. Don't feel too badly for the kid; she has a cabinet full of notebooks, pads, and diaries, each one having approximately a page-and-a-half of scribbles in them. She hasn't even noticed it's gone.

* My laptop bag is pink and black plaid. I sprung for this Staples special a few months ago when I found myself going out of the house quite often to write. For some reason, I felt the need to strike a little bit more of a stylish pose to my anonymous Panera Bread and/or Whole Foods posse than my fifteen-year old clunky laptop bag was giving me. A girl's gotta have the proper accessories.

* My flowy pink and black, post-hippie blouse that I bought for a song at Opitz, the single coolest shop in the world. Opitz is a discount store in Minneapolis that has deals on designer clothes to die for. It has fashions you can't buy in Florida and normally couldn't possibly afford at list price. For example, I bought the fancy little frock I'm wearing for $12. Yes, $12. I love you, sweet Opitz.

* The countless pink stickies I have plastered on my vision board, modem, printer, and anywhere else I randomly look throughout the day. The two that are catching my eye right now is the working title of not the next book I am going to write, but the one after (It's gonna be sooooo good!), and a note from my daughter from a long time ago that says, "I love you very much Mommy and Mim and God." (Translation provided by Mommy.)

Obviously, with the predominance of pink and black objects I choose to have around me, they must make me happy. There's just somethin' about the whimsy of hot pink and black as opposed to the humdrum of charcoal gray and muted pastels. Somehow they strike me as sassy, feminine, and powerful. Unusual.

Just like me.


For your consideration and/or comment:

What are your favorite colors lately and why?


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