Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Cruel Arrival of Backfat

I have been sick for over a week (hence, no blogging). Thankfully, I am nearly back to health, save for one nasty offshoot: I swear I've gained at least 10 friggin' pounds.

It's not that I've gone overboard on the food consumption front (I've certainly done much more damage over my lifetime of binge eating). Yes, I've eaten slightly worse than I normally do -- I admit to a Haagen-Daaz single scoop cone of Chocolate Peanut Butter, two slices of Filippo's delish Pizza Margherita and a glass of wine, more than one of those evil Decaf Mochas from Starbucks that I just can't seem to kick, and a few extra handfuls of my tasty home-roasted cashews and almonds. I ate and/or drank these delectable extras because I was sick, dammit, and I deserved it. (Oh yeah. I also pilfered my daughter's Valentine's Day box of goodies, unbeknownst to her.)

Combine my diet wagon-diving with a total absence of physical movement, and what did I get? A nearly instantaneous arrival of BACKFAT. This morning, I was greeted by a larger-than-usual roll at my backside that wasn't there two weeks ago. WTF???? Can I not have a moderate therapeutic slide down JunkFood Lane without my body immediately responding with the unpleasantness of a bloated bellly and tight jeans? Criminy! Life isn't fair sometimes.

I guess that's what I get for getting older and getting more in touch with my body. Somehow I have arrived at a point where my body is now used to eating healthy and being moved on a regular basis (Who'da thunk it?). So when I shuck the healthy lifestyle thing in favor of comfort food and growing roots on furniture, it responds with physical reminders of its displeasure, a la Backfat.

I'm in the middle of the "Boo-hoo, poor-poor-pitiful-me, this-sucks-ass" phase of weight gain. However, I have also decided to eat a healthy lunch today, avoid the beckoning call of Haagen-Daaz and do a little booty-shakin' in the hula hoop later. My deepest wish is that my body will be so happy to be back in the groove of health, that it will remove my Backfat roll just as quickly as it took putting it there.

Do you hear me, my beautiful body? I promise I'll be nicer to you...


For your consideration and/or comment:

What is the first change you notice on your body when you gain a little weight?


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Dot-Com said...

Hoope you feel better soon! Don't worry about your weight. If you really do feel you need to drop a few pounds, I'm sure you will. Where there's a will, there's a way. You have the power!

seriously? said...

It creeps on the hips and thighs. I hate it when my jeans start to pull around the hips area and the pockets look all weird. Glad you are feeling better these days. :)