Friday, February 13, 2009

Getting Schooled

I am immersing myself in the promotion of my book and speaking engagements. My swirling, twirling eyeballs are pretty accurate indicators of how I am faring.

There is so much to understand. I had a two-hour consultation with a speaking coach today, and I scribbled every last bit of info that was hurled toward me in rapid-fire fashion. I learned about angles, hooks, pitches, segments, discounts, contracts, press kits, show producers, and other critical elements to a successful brand launch. (That's what I am now -- a brand. Eeesh.) Of course, I am hugely grateful for the opportunity to learn from someone who knows the ins and outs of my industry, enabling me to hone my message and save a bunch of time and energy. I knew meeting her was a good thing even as I felt my guts churn and my hair fall out from the stress. There is SO MUCH TO DO! I am having a serious "Calgon, Take Me Away!" moment.

Here is a sample of the chatter in my brain: What non-profit organizations will I contact about speaking engagements and will I remember everything I need to negotiate? How can I morph the teachings of Opening the Kimono into acceptable and desirable corporate-speak? How will I get all of the pieces together for my Press Kit? What are the dozens of 30-second pitches I need to create in order to call TV producers? (Uff da...that last one makes me want to urp my healthy Whole Foods lunch.)

Such is the life of getting big. We run into our crap that keeps us small. Our fears. Our doubts. Our negative self-talk. Our deeply-held beliefs that we can't possibly pull this thing off. ("Who the hell do I think I am?" is not-so-silently running in the background.)

Just when I feel like I want to hurl myself in front of a bumper-stickered hybrid car in the Whole Foods Parking Lot, I get an email from a long-lost friend who just finished reading Opening the Kimono. My buddy reminded me of what was truly important. Here is a portion of what she wrote:

"Wow. I mean, some people have funny, and even poignant tales to tell, but it takes a real talent to put the words together to make a meaningful and interesting story. You have a gift. I think you’ve found your calling girl! Your book arrived in my mailbox last week. I was busy that day (Wednesday I think??), so the book sat on my kitchen counter screaming “read me, read me, read me damnit!” So the next afternoon, I took the book out onto my sunny deck and started reading. During the course of my read fest, the kids came home from school, the sun sank behind the trees (creating a chill that I was oblivious to), and dinner time was approaching. I finished the book in one sitting. It really touched me. I was literally laughing out loud through tears in my eyes...I’ve loaned your book to a good friend of mine who I know will love it. Hope you are well, please take care, and hurry up and write another book. The world needs to hear more from Theresa Rose."

I'm workin' on it, girl, I'm workin' on it.


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