Thursday, February 5, 2009

Running Up That Hill...Again

I'm about to do what I promised myself I wasn't going to ever do again: I'm gonna mail query letters to literary agents again. Ugh. Double Ugh.

It's not that I have anything against literary agents; I'm sure they are wonderful people. They certainly have a way with words, as evidenced by the stack of rejection letters I have received so far. Last year around this time, I started the painful, laborious process of sending out query letters. I researched, wordsmithed, polished, and otherwise blew kisses on my perfectly-crafted queries in the hopes of acquiring someone who would recognize my literary diamond. I had visions of the perfect agent shepherding me as I navigated the treacherous terrain known as the publishing industry. Alas, all I received for my efforts was a steady stream of "Dear Author" letters. (sniff sniff)

Instead of pounding my head against the wall month after month, year after year, I felt driven to get Opening the Kimono out into the world ASAFP. As such, I manned-up and ponied-up the dough to publish the damn thing myself. I hired the cover photog, the interior page designer, the cover designer, and all other manner of services to make my book Barnes & Noble-worthy. After a few short months, I was blessed to hold my book in hand. Very soon thereafter, many others started holding the book in theirs. People are digging it, and I'm digging life. Happy Dance!

With everything going so well, why in the hell would I want to subject myself to more agony, more rejection, and more heartache? I don't honestly know, other than I have been receiving information from Spirit about it. I am having dreams about it; agent names are finding their way to me; I have seen what the new query letters will look like. Believe me, I'm not overly jazzed about reopening this can of worms again. I'd much rather go on my merry way without having to deal with the body-blow known as the rejection letter. However, when Spirit compels me to move forward, there's no amount of wishing, tantrum-throwing, or ignoring that will make it go away. I need to run up that hill, dammit.

Time will tell if my agent querying will net me anything other than another valuable life lesson. Maybe it is the perfect time for the perfect agent to see the glorious manifestation of Opening the Kimono and want to take it to the next level. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll be schooled again in the act of surrender. This time, my goal isn't to put my faith in the timing of literary agents; it's to put it in Divine Timing.

That's all the Time I need.


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