Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Turning Inside Out

Earlier today, I was feeling the walls close in on me. Emails were burying me, distractions abounded, and my To-Do list was getting bigger, not smaller. The day was careening out of control, and a big, hairy, hissy-fit was imminent. In order to preserve a modicum of sanity, a bold maneuver was called for: GO OUTSIDE.

I dug out my favorite yoga mat — the double-padded multi-colored one that screams “Lay on me, Sweetie!”. As I unrolled it and placed it on the patio, I could already feel my respiration slow down and muscles relax. Ahhh….the Divine Equation. Yoga + Sunshine = Ecstasy. (For those non-Floridian readers, I apologize!)

After a half-hour of downward facing dogs, twists, lunges, and king pigeons (yay!), I allowed myself the luxury of an outdoor Savasana. I don’t know how long I rested, but it felt like a blissful eternity. My body relaxed, my mind cleared, and my spirits lifted. As if Spirit decided to reward me for breaking out of my house and entering It’s House, I received a totally juicy download of what I was going to include in an upcoming speaking presentation.

I’m back inside, but I now have a completely different attitude after having spent time in the Great Outdoors. I am happy, grounded, and grateful for another day I have been given.

Thanks, G! :)

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