Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shunning the PVD

This morning, my beloved and I huddled under the covers sharing our most recent dark, ugly fears. What a way to kick off a day.

Despite our regular meditations and spiritual studies, Hubby and I occasionally fall into an abyss of negativity. We start to perceive life as painful, taxing, and generally harder than it needs to be. Work becomes a four-letter word that we utter with contempt. In short, we become unconscious once again and replug into The Matrix.

Ever since childhood, we have been programmed (by our parents, by school, by culture, by media, by co-workers, by authoritarian figures) to live as PVDs. PVDs are us poor schmoes who live as Passive Victims who are living by Default. We let life happen to us. We let people run over us. We let our outcomes be a matter of chance instead of choice. We think the worst will inevitably transpire. We become Grade A Wussies.

It can be easy to slip back into PVD mode, because we are surrounded by them all of the time. I am sure you work with a few of them, you eat lunch around them, and maybe you even have one or two of them in your own family. Since we are social creatures, we like to adopt the characteristics of those with whom we come into contact. When we’re around PVDs, we often become a PVD ourselves. Even if you don’t have any direct interaction with a PVD (Lucky you!!), chances are you still observe many of them as you surf the Internet or watch the boob-tube. They are EVERYWHERE.

Take heart, Young Skywalker! The best way to fight against the Dark Side is to use the Force: the Force of your own convictions, your joy, and most importantly, your gratitude. Decide to shun your Inner PVD and be the righteous, powerful, amazing, kick-ass person you are! Life doesn’t have to be hard. Success doesn’t have to be out of reach. Bliss doesn’t have to be a rarity. CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY. You WILL be supported by the Universe when you decide to show up and be happy. Yes, creating a life of bliss can seem daunting, but it’s just because very few people do it. Be a trailblazer!

And, that’s how I ended my cheerleading session with my dearest beloved at 7:00am this morning. We capped it off with an extended Rose Family Snuggle and felt grateful for the many gifts we have been bestowed. Then, all three of us got out bed and promised to have a joyful, PVD-free day.

Wish us luck.

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