Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Kaleidescope of Beauty

I hosted a phenomenal Club Kimono last night at a premier healing center in Sarasota called The Rose Center (no relation, just weirdly coincidental). This place looks, smells, and feels amazing. I was acutely aware of the beauty all around me, and it wasn’t coming just from the Zen accoutrements.

I was surrounded by 16 gorgeous women of all ages, shapes, and sizes having the stones to speak their truth. Some wore jeans and weathered tees while others wore spiffy skirts and blouses. Some of the gals are grandmas, and some are mommies-to-be. There were healers and high-powered execs, jewelry consultants and journalists. It was like having my own box of Crayola women.

Even though most of them probably can’t/don’t/won’t recognize it in themselves, every one of them occupied their own unique brand of beauty. When we shared our personal stories of pain, loss, and redemption, each woman had a different narrative; yet there was a commonality we all shared. We all possessed wisdom in our eyes, love in our hearts, courage in our bellies, and joy in our smiles.

We are women. We are many, and we are also One. I am so privileged to be among you.

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