Friday, December 5, 2008

Livin' High

Last night I sang and danced with 2499 fans of the most adorable thing to come around the bend since Boots from the Shrek series: Jason Mraz, my newest and steamiest celeb-crush.

Jason. Ohhhh Jason. That man is the cat’s pajamas. He has a voice like an angel, a wild mane of hair like a lion, a face like a pinup, and most importantly, the heart of an enlightened man. Jason joins the select few concert headliners I have been blessed to see on stage who had me screaming, clapping, singing, dancing, drooling, and wetting myself all at the same time. Welcome, Jason, to the Musical Club of My (Wet) Dreams. Allow me to introduce you to Bono, Bruce, and Rick (Springfield…cut me some slack; I’m a child of the 80s). Mmmmm…where was I? What was I doing? Oh yeah. I was blogging. Sorry, I’m back.

There is something so exhilarating to be amongst a throng of loyal followers singing every last lyric to songs that touch you deep in your soul. As I looked around Ruth Eckerd Hall last night, I recognized that same giddy, googly-eyed adoration in hundreds of other school-girl peepers that I myself currently have on the Grammy-nominated Mr. Mraz. One of Jason’s song’s from his latest album, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things is called “Live High”, and it’s all about squeeeeeezing the most joy and juice out of life, living it with purpose, gratitude, compassion and love. Jason is a musical genius/curbside prophet that reminds us all to see the Divine in everything, and I am so very grateful that I accidentally clicked on his cutie-pie pic on iTunes a few months ago.

Check out Jason’s web site if you get a chance — he has a fantastic blog and some great videos. ( He also has a YouTube channel that I have visited on more than one occasion. ( How is it that the mysterious YouTube police somehow know how often I have clicked on his channel? They are always showing me new Jason stuff that is “Recommended” just for me. Spooky. Given what I have watched on YouTube, I can’t even imagine what other things they’ll be recommending for me next.

Thanks, Jason, for singing about the Positive. Thanks for sharing your gifts with so many. Thanks for giving me another reason to sing and dance. And thanks for being so damn cute.


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