Monday, March 2, 2009

Doing It Blindfolded

I'm happy to report that I survived the Hooping workshop I went to this weekend! Barely.

The weekend was as difficult and wonderful as I imagined it would be. Bax, the incredibly talented (and cute-as-a-button) instructor, led us on a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey on the current of the hoop. Through my hooping, I discovered a lot about flow, surrender, focus, and belief. And, as predicted, it totally put me in my stuff.

There were a fair amount of gorgeous, nubile phillies in attendance that caused me to feel like an uncoordinated she-ogre. It was no surprise that I was definitely one of the hoopers with the least amount of "flight time". (Most of the attendees had been hooping for years.) However, that didn't stop me from trying everything that Bax so gently guided us to do. One of his trademark instructional methods is to have each participant feel the energy of the hoop (and ourselves) by practicing blindfolded. Remarkably, I found that I could do so much more when I shielded my eyes from the outside world and the outside world was shielded from me. I was free to explore, experiment, and otherwise express myself in ways that I would never dare to do if I thought anyone was watching me.

What a great lesson that exercise was. Clearly, I was able to let go of my ego, my fragility, my littleness when I disregarded what others thought of me. In that space of the void where vulnerability and trust resides, I could expand into greater depths and heights than I ever thought possible. Then, when the blindfold came off, the hoop invariably came crashing to the ground. My stinkin' thinkin' got in the way -- again -- and I allowed my choices to be dictated by others.

I'm proud of the fact that I went to the HoopPath workshop this weekend. I'm also sore as hell and bruised in places I didn't think I could bruise. Most importantly, I'm aware of my deep desire to hoop -- and live -- with utter abandon. I want to hoop, write, and live like I'm blindfolded.

Ahh...such freedom...


For your consideration and/or comment:

How does the opinions of others affect you? Do you avoid certain things because of how they would appear?


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1 comment:

seriously? said...

Good for you gettin out there and hoopin. It sure is a great workout. I recently tried doing it about a year ago and my abs were killing me. :)

I try really hard to not let others opinions effect me or what I do or try to do. Sadly, it does sometimes. I have NO PROBLEM looking like a fool in front of kids but, when I am around adults...I tend to back off from my outgoing-ness. Kids don't judge.