Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 3 of the Detox

Slowly but surely, I'm crawling out of the nightmarish hole I dug for myself called the Digestive Cleanse.

Today brings me to Day 3 of the Detox, and I'm a little more human than I was over the last 48 hours. Wow...I miss food. Food is good. It's yummy. It smells good too. It feels good in the mouth. It gives you a nice full feeling in your belly. I've had precious little of it for the last three days, subsisting mostly on my superfood drink, red juice, water, colon-blow tea, an apple a day, and a tablespoon or two of raw almonds a day. I'ze hungry.

Yet, even with the perpetually grumbling stomach and the throbbing temples, I am feeling a little better. I think I am past the killer decaf-caffeine withdrawal and the state of near-psychosis I found myself in yesterday. I can actually string a few words together to make sentences. That's a good sign. This morning in the shower I could have sworn there were fewer squooshy parts of me (although that could be the remnants of the quasi-hallucinations I had last night at the thought of devouring a large Filippo's Hungry Man pizza). Whatever the case may be, I'm feeling better, but not get good.

Fasting isn't new to me; I have done this as part of my spiritual practice on several occasions. It is a powerful form of devotion and one that connects me more fully to my body, my thoughts, and my spirit. I got a taste of this foodless bliss during this morning's meditation. I could feel Spirit fill me in the empty spaces, and I received a great deal of guidance about the areas of fear and insecurity that are facing me. I was fed by the energy and light of the Divine, and for 45 minutes, I forgot how damned ravenous I was. Now it's up to me to feel that way the other 23 hours and 15 minutes.

While I can't yet do a lot of quality work - i.e. writing, planning, making calls, etc. -- I am IN my body once again. I am so very grateful for it and the delicious energy that the Earth provides.

All things considered, Day 3 is a good one so far.

(Although I still can't rid myself of my Filippo Fantasy.)


For your consideration and/or comment:

What is your relationship to food? Is it only an energy source, or does it serve a bigger role?


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