Thursday, March 12, 2009

She Goes To Extremes

This morning I witnessed a highly-unusual sight in my 7-year old's room: something folded.

As I wrote in my book, my daughter's room often looks like a post-apocalyptic Toys-R-Us. Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING, is strewn about. This is an AFGO for her beleaguered mother (Another F@cking Growth Opportunity). However, I'm getting much better with accepting her slobbiness as-is. At least I've deluded myself into thinking that I've gotten better.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw two (nearly)perfectly folded beach towels with two sets of swim goggles perched atop them. This rare act of organization didn't seem to fit in Emma's room. Then I remembered: She is having a swim date with her new best friend Madison who lives down the street. For the last two weeks, my daughter has been inseparable with this chickadee. My little urchin has yelled the word "Madison!" more than a U of W mascot.

It touched me this morning when I saw how gingerly Em folded her towels for her upcoming liquid soiree. Her careful attention showed me how much she values this new arrival into her life, and for that, I am grateful. Friends are important to a gal...far more important than any made bed or organized shelf.

(Although I may need an extra-large glass of Chianti to deal with the onslaught of "Madison! Watch this!")


For your consideration and/or comment:

Was your room messy as a kid? Do you still keep it messy?


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