Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Tao of Granola

There are profound lessons to be found in our cereal bowls.

My seven-and-a-half year old doesn't like raisins. In fact, she abhors them. Yet, ironically, when the Rose clan goes to Richard's Whole Foods to pick up our edible necessaries, Li'l Miss EmmaBean picks out a variety of granola (Ultra Natural Country Pumpkin Spice or something like that) that is peppered with the wrinkly objects of her derision. I've had numerous discussions with her about it, but she simply refuses to select a different granola. Whenever I surreptitiously pick out a different kind and sneak it into our cereal container, she sternly admonishes me. She is the Princess and the Raisin.

This morning, we all broke our fasts with the aforementioned granola. Emma ate hers with almond milk, while Michael and I had fruit and yogurt with ours. (Emma is still boycotting the fruit-as-breakfast option; she prefers to slurp her first meal of the day.) When she finished, a pile of neglected raisins sat at the soggy bottom of her bowl. She briefly reflected on her raisin remnants and cheerfully said, "Isn't it cool how you can eat around the stuff you don't like?" She looked so proud of her accomplishment.

Aha! THAT'S why she chooses to eat granola with raisins, even though she hates raisins. She has made eating her breakfast a meal, a test of skill, and a game all rolled into one yummy, humming delight.

I can take a cue from this grain game of hers. Life inevitably has raisins mixed in with the granola; my raisins are fear, doubt, and insecurity. The trick is to know how to get around the bad stuff, delight in the good stuff, and celebrate our victories no matter how small.

Thanks to the wisdom of The Bean, I'm gonna do my best today to joyfully leave my raisins at the bottom of the bowl.


For your consideration and/or comment:

What are the life raisins you want to leave behind?


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seriously? said...

oh, one of my biggest raisins is negative people. I try to stay as positive in their presence as I can and let it roll off my back like a duck.

BTW, I tagged you in my blog. Head over there and check it out. :)

Dot-Com said...

I call them speed bumps - and I try to drive around to avoid the pain, but don't always manage... I'm getting better though :-)