Thursday, January 8, 2009

Never Too Old

Is it wrong for a 39-year old wife and mother to wear metallic green nail polish on her toe nails?

When I was growing up, someone who was nearly forty years old was considered OLD. Life was nearly over. They were uncool. Boring. Fun stuff never happened to them (unless they were on "The Love Boat" or "Fantasy Island").

I will NOT become the forty-year old from my childhood memories.

Instead, I choose to wear nail polish that girls half my age wear. I wear my hair long, curly, and wild. I hula hoop in my garage to Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack" in full view of passing neighbors. I have a vanity bumper sticker that says, "GOT MOJO".

I admit it; I get my hair colored every five weeks to cover up the inevitable passing of time. My makeup application and skin care processes have gotten more complicated over the years. Unfortunately, I now grown when I get out of bed each morning.

Yes, my body acts like a thirty-nine year-old one, but my spirit is still childlike. Until I'm pushing up daisies, I intend to experience as much joy as possible.

Personally, this old broad thinks painting her tootsies metallic green every once in a while is a nice way to start.


What do you do that is "inappropriate" for your age?

Please reply!


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seriously? said...

I tried to do a cartwheel a month ago and pulled a groin muscle. I really thought I could still do one too!!! What I can still do? I can do a cherry drop on the 6 year old daughter thinks I ROCK!!!

Theresa Rose said...

Impressive!! I can totally relate. The cartwheel that was so easy thirty years ago now now seems impossible to comprehend from a physics perspective. How do I heave my butt over my head using only my arms??

Thx for the reply!