Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Change. Hope. A Fresh Beginning. Yes we can.

These are the words that dominate our airwaves, and justifiably so. Our country is just starting its dramatic shift from Bush to Obama, from crisis to confidence, from anger to acceptance, and from fear to hope. Regardless of what political party to which you belong, chances are that you are ready for some change. All of us want to hear happy news again. We want our family and friends to find or keep good jobs. We want to feel safe while still preserving our national integrity. We want leaders we can believe in.

Yesterday, my family and I drove three hours to my BFF's house to watch the Inauguration festivities. Since we don't have television, yesterday was one of the handful of days when it's a total bummer to be unplugged from The Machine (Golden Globes and Oscars being the other major miss-outs.) Jean and Kris graciously hosted us as the three Roses plopped in front of their glorious, gargantuan high-def box and devoured All Things Obama.

I ate it all up: the pomp and circumstance of the event, the preciousness of Malia and Sasha, the hotness of the First Couple, the stirring and passionate speech from our 44th President, and the multi-hued, multi-generational throngs of supporters who braved the DC winter to celebrate the historic moment of one man breaking through the very ancient and imposing ceiling of prejudice. I was not only in awe of the Obamas, but I was equally in awe of every American who recognized the magnificence of the moment.

Now, after the parade has ended, the dancing has stopped, and the TV coverage is over, real life begins anew. We are tasked with helping the Obama administration and Congress to dig us out of a very deep hole. There are many ways we can serve, whether it's volunteering, donating to charity, or simply showing more generosity of spirit to our fellow man and the big, blue, beautiful rock we are blessed to occupy.

I know of another way we can help too. We can take these words -- change, hope, a fresh beginning, and 'Yes we can' to heart, and put them to work within ourselves. The next time we find ourselves having a miserable day, fretting that we'll never succeed, allowing ourselves to remain victims of our circumstance, blaming others for our pain, or harshly judging ourselves or others, let's remember that all of that negativity contributes to the whole of humanity. Let's remember that we are better than the poor choices we have made in the past. Let's remember that we can change our lives simply by changing our attitudes. Let's remember that hope is so much more powerful than fear. Let's remember that every day marks a new beginning for us to live juicy, joyful lives.

Let's remember that it isn't up to Obama to change the fate of our country; it's up to each and every one of us.

Yes we can.


For your consideration and/or comment:

What have you been called to do in support of our country?


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seriously? said...

The change is refreshing and exciting. I plan to step it up with todays youth population. Working in an elementary school where I can plant the seeds for life long learning and peace...that is what I hope to do.

Dot-Com said...

I'll be interesting for the "outside world" to follow this change too. Hopefully all for the better :-)

Anonymous said...

What have you been called to do in support of our country?

I served 8 years in the US Army Reserves... I always felt I had a duty to serve... my dad served in the Navy for 22 years... my sister in the Navy for 4... I just felt I had to too... I almost went into the Navy right out of HS, but decided I wanted to go to college. I would have joined the Navy ROTC, but alas my college only had Army ROTC. My sophomore year I signed up... and in December of that year I got an ROTC scholarship. When I graduated I was commissioned a 2LT and began my Reserve career. I was EXTREMELY lucky that I never got called up... I completed my 8 years in May 2002... My unit was called up for the invasion of Iraq in November.