Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cerebral Bubbles

I can't think of a single coherent theme to write. My thoughts are like champagne bubbles today. Instead of sitting here wasting time, wishing I could harness my thoughts into one logical stream of thought, I thought I'd share a few of the fizzies dancing in my brain, hopefully enabling me to get happy and actually get some quality work done.

* Gotta update my Bio page on the web site. ICK! I friggin' HATE writing bio stuff. Inevitably I feel like a pompous ass afterward. NOOO!!! I'm having a mild temper tantrum.

* I had an idea about a cute book trailer that I would love to start filming, but I need to find the time to have my beloved record it with me. Will it be this weekend? Will it be sometime this month? I don't want to take valuable family time for work stuff, but sometimes it needs to happen.

* I have 100 letters to independent bookstores that need to be proofed, printed, signed, sealed, stamped, and delivered. Before stuffing, I need to go to Staples to pick up my book info sheet (and see the weird dude at the print shop who always stares a little extra too long at the picture of my book cover.)

* Sometime today I need to move my body. When I say move my body, I mean more than from the bed to the bathroom to the pantry and back.

* When will I get prettied up to go to the local bookstores? Getting myself in presentable form is a long way from what I look like now. Picture this: scary white workout pants (white! WTF was I thinking?), black yoga shirt, frizzy hair pulled back in a ponytail with tiny hairs sticking out everywhere, no makeup, blotchy face, decaf coffee breath, pre-shower stank, etc. Oh yeah...I'm too sexy.

* Speaking of being presentable, I would love to do another vidblog. I'm way past due. (Blog guilt is the worst.)

* I want to write a bunch of Amazon reviews on books I read over the holidays, but I can't formulate a decent sentence. Amazon makes me crazy sometimes.

* Gotta get some books signed and packaged up for mailing to bookstores. Think I'll wait until after I pick up The Bean to go to the post office. She likes pushing the buttons on the Automated Postal Center kiosk. I'm such a good mom.

* The proof of my audiobook came in the mail, but I need to make some changes to the artwork. Dammit! I want that thing done soooo badly. It's the perennial project that simply has no end. I started the f#@ker in July.

* My speaking engagement informational sheet needs to be updated. Instead of paying my graphic designer another couple of hundred bucks (that I don't have), I think I'll try to update it myself. In Photoshop. Without any experience or skill in Photoshop. That should be a joyful, brief, and productive experience.

OK. So now's the time when I scroll up and start editing what I just wrote. Wow. What a whiny baby I am being today!

I'm gonna try to turn this bad day around, starting right now. I am going to write five wonderful things in my life and sit with each thought for one minute...

1) All of my physical needs -- food, water, shelter, clothing -- are provided for, each and every day.

2) I have a loving spouse and an incredible kid.

3) My book makes people happy.

4) Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio are in another movie together, both of which I have a huge crush on.

5) Spirit has given me another day to play.

OK. Whew! I feel better.

Thanks for being my witness, and I hope you make it a good one.


What cerebral bubbles are popping for you today?

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