Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cosmic, Dude!

As I was fretting about what to write this morning, I found inspiration on my screen saver.

While I have a few things on my mind that are reasonably blog-worthy -- the righteousness of a Good Hair Day, connecting with old friends on Facebook, and embracing our Divine Purpose, you know, standard Serious Mojo fare -- I felt preoccupied by my Bank of America credit card statement I stupidly opened earlier this morning. I couldn't find the juju to write about the good stuff, because the specter of Not Enough punched me across the face with a killer 'Balance Total, Available Balance' one-two punch.

So, instead of writing, I began to stare out into space. Literally. A few days ago I added the "Cosmos" screen saver to my trusty MacDaddy, but since I've been click-click-clicking nonstop, I hadn't yet seen it in action. This morning, my literary constipation prompted it to present itself. It's incredible! Those crazy kids at Apple really know technology.

For minutes on end, I stared at picture after stunning picture of the endless stars, planets and galaxies we take for granted. The Universe was presenting itself to me in gorgeous technicolor. As I lost myself in the beauty and wondered what it would be like to see Mars, Saturn, or Mercury close-up, I got a greater appreciation for the vastness of All That Is. There is sooooooo much majesty around us, from the furthest galaxies to the smallest shell on Sarasota's Lido Beach. Spirit has created an interconnected system of spirals and vortices that defy full comprehension. Humans are infinitesimal in the greatest scheme of things, yet we are constructed of the same quantum building blocks as the greatest cosmic treasures. Whoa. Heavy.

When I look at the Milky Way courtesy of the fine folks at Apple, I forget about the silly BofA bill sitting atop my Inbox (at least for now). There will be plenty of time for me to freak out about how I am going to pay down my debt. At this moment, I am just happy to play a bit part in this incredible play.


For your consideration and/or comment:

If you could travel anywhere in the Universe, where would it be? (And don't say Uranus.)


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Dot-Com said...

I'm going to Mars. No doubt about that! Food will be Mars-bars, and it'll be the perfect opportunity to study men - that's where they're from afterall, isn't it?!

Theresa Rose said...

That's right! It'll be MARvelous!

seriously? said...

I KNEW we could be blogging friends...just knew it. The first thing that popped into my head when I read the question was....Uranus!! I swear, no joke. Plus the facebook thing? Ya, totally get you on that one.

Where would I travel? So many places to go and you included the universe not just the world? Oh Geez. Would love to see the earth from the moon. Would probably put things in a great perspective.