Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Lone Pubber

I used my new credit card processing machine for the first time. Yippeee!!!

Last night, I hosted another wonderful installment of Club Kimono, the monthly women's discussion group dedicated to All Things Juicy. I chose yesterday's topic from the Career section of my book and read aloud an excerpt called "Failing Forward". This story illustrates that no matter how crappy our circumstances seem to be -- lost jobs, failed businesses, unknown direction -- that everything is in alignment with a Divine Plan that we simply don't know about yet. The resulting discussions were lively, emotional, and as always, empowering. At the end of our sharing session, over half of the attendees bought copies of the book, and a few bought additional copies to give to their peeps back home. I'm so blessed! Kimono Clubbers are the coolest chicks in the henhouse.

When I came home, Michael showed me the front page of yesterday's New York Times. One of the articles (above the fold no less!) was "Bright Passage in Publishing: Authors Who Pay Their Way" by Motoko Rich. It talks about how the traditional publishing industry is dramatically cutting back, while self-pubbers are popping up all over the place. Yes, most of us will never have more than our beleaguered family and friends read our masterpieces. However, there are a few of us lucky writers (me included, I hope!) that see success beyond our initial circle of supporters. I believe with all of my heart that lots of people will find their way to Opening the Kimono, and a few of those readers will know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows Oprah. :) Short of that, I'm at least hoping to get a decent agent out of the deal.

I admit that it's great to see my book getting noticed, and I am starting to get paid for my efforts. Who doesn't want to make a living? Let me tell ya, it costs a butt-load of money to make Opening the Kimono and all of its marketing stuff look so darn purdy. There is no doubt that I'm ready for some green energy to start flowing my way. I warmly welcome the revenue (since I have that pesky credit card debt), but more importantly, I love the thought of people all over the country diggin' it's vibe of love, self-acceptance, and trust. Each one of us is amazing and beautiful and powerful and delightful beyond measure, and my little book of stories helps people to see that.

It is, after all, why I write. It isn't about the money; it's about the Mojo.

Suck on THAT, Stephanie Meyer!

P.S. On the off-chance that the hottest bestselling author in the world would happen upon my little bloggie, I have one thing to say to her: "I humbly apologize, Ms. Meyer. My sarcasm is purely for entertainment purposes. I'm a huge fan. Would you like to receive a free review copy of Opening the Kimono? Maybe you'd like to introduce me to your agent afterward?"

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