Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Almost Ready to Blog

I have been on vacation and away from the blogosphere for over two weeks, and I can't figure out how to re-enter.

There is so much to say, yet the words aren't coming to me...yet. My house is a chi nightmare with piles of dirty clothes, hampers of clean ones, stacks of paper, and towers of post-travel clutter. Almost 300 emails awaited me upon my return, and important proposals are in the hopper. Big stuff happened while I was on the mountains of Northern California and Sedona, yet my journey is staying within me, unable to find a public witness.

I want to share with you about my spiritual quest. I want to inspire you with stories of Truth and Beauty. I want to rant and rave about my last two weeks.

But, somehow, I'm not quite ready.

Maybe I need another day to have my house settle down so I can settle in. Or maybe I need to get my much-anticipated bodywork session tomorrow before I dive into the juicy stories. Whatever the case may be, I am not ready to share my West Coast dramas, traumas, fears, hopes, dreams, realizations, anecdotes, or a-has on the keys of MacDaddy. Maybe I never will... I'll have to search inside to see if my stories are meant to stay private or not. I sure hope they want to come out!

However, I want to take baby steps back to you. I thought a perfect way to do so would be to share with you an inspiring video of one of my most talented and adorable teachers, Jonathan Baxter. Bax is the King of the Hoop, and his circular dance with the Divine never ceases to put a smile on my face, a sparkle in my heart and a tingle in my loins. Enjoy!

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Michelle said...

That was really cool.